The Secret of Success is Not a Secret

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Brands, Success

If you asked a number of successful entrepreneurs and senior executives the secret to their success, you’d hear some common themes to their answers.

It’s amazing how much common sense, persistence, and passion contribute to success (both for a business or an individual). But when you add unique ideas, and an understanding of the dynamics and variables of the profitability of your business – you have a recipe to win. Brands that win today have broken away from the pack – established a differentiation between their product or service offerings and the attributes of what their brand stands for.

Brand values are not what marketers craft so diligently, but rather the reflection of the actual experiences consumers have with their brands and products. Today, experiences matter more than anything else. Your brand needs to be more than it ever was before.

When was the last time that you asked yourself what makes you or your brand different and better? How you go above and beyond for consumers? And what your brand provides the world around you?

Brands need marketing leadership who can lead their brands into the future – and sometimes that means being fearless, fighting uphill battles against internal politics, stepping outside the comfort zone, and taking risks.


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