Consumers Are Just Not That Into You

Posted: November 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

Seems like most marketers are still having a hard time understanding that consumers really don’t care about our brands. Sure, the Nike, Starbucks, and Apples of the world have iconic brands that consumers are truly fans of and are proud to flaunt their association with these types of brands. But for the average marketer, large or small, there comes a realization that although every brand has its advocates, the size of their advocate pool is much smaller than they’d like.

Enter the misguided Facebook “strategy” that is so rampant today.

Folks – Facebook, like the internet itself, is not a magical parallel universe. It won’t  make people love your brand. People just need to love your brand…or at least like it, and then you can nurture those relationships.

There is no commitment in becoming a fan of a brand on Facebook. It takes one second to click the ‘Become a Fan’ button – commitment over. Either you will or will not engage the consumer from this point. Most brands do a poor job. Particularly when most of the content  posted is about you. This week alone, I pointed out to four clients and prospects  who launched Facebook pages this year, that the posts in their Facebook pages that had the most engagement EVER were their thank you posts to veterans on veteran’s day. Why? Simple – because these were the only posts that had absolutely nothing to do with the brands. Although I’ve explained this concept several times before. This instance really opened their eyes.  A new, enlightened era is upon them. Facebook status updated: [Insert Brand Name here] saw the light.

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  3. Antonin says:

    It would be great if one could turn back the clock. – nice piece!

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