DigiDay Networks & Targeting Conferences – Data, Data, Data

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

digidaysYesterday I emceed my second set of DigiDay conferences (DigiDay Networks & DigiDay Target), where execs and thought leaders gathered from the industry’s  leading ad networks, optimization technology firms, data marketplaces, data exchanges, agencies, publishers, and even a few marketers were in the mix. Consistent with my last DigiDay experiences, it was a standing room only crowd – no really – at 8:30AM … in New York City … hard to believe but true!

Although technically two half day conferences, the interwoven theme of the day was the same – simply, the strategic and practical applications of data. (Simply? Uh huh, right…)

The discussions surrounded the modeling and packaging of specific audiences, the role of creativity in a data driven world, the value of data exchanges, analytic and yield models, data strategy, data ownership, agencies developing network services, networks developing agency services, black box technologies, and generally, the future of digital media.

Thanks to Scott Hoffman who posted the great round of quick video interviews with several of the panelists on his blog:

A quick search for the Twitter hashtag #DigiDay (42 pages of results from June 8!), will give you a quick recap of some of the hot topics and sound-bytes, here are a few highlights:

ahynes1 : #digiday Someone yell out an online advertising campaign that resonated with you. <crickets>

:  Matt Greitzer of AvenueA thinks agencies will focus on building proprietary data warehouses, & not on building pipes into exchanges #digiday

ahynes1 : #digiday Frustrating part of the panels so far is that they all treat audience as eyeballs disconnected from hearts and minds.

adbroad : Steve, Media Math: Ad agencies don’t know data, supply as well as other co’s, but suppliers don’t know creative like agencies. #digiday
cliqology : Wow, 2 hours into #digiday and just one mention about Social. But hundreds of mentions about data.
LorneBrown : at #Digiday…Darren Herman “now have opportunity to build 60 creatives for 60 audiences”
admeld : RT @JasonDPG: Mismatch bteween ad ops resources applied against revenue. Need to remedy and create efficiencies in the process #digiday
digiday : Zagorski:  Data is approaching the value of media. Damn! #digiday
jasonkrebs : #digiday. Why does everyone think now that advertising should be 0% waste? What business in the world doesn’t have waste?
taddavis Brands do matter:  why market efficiencies will never completely drive cpms. #digiday
eporres: #digiday AdNetik believes that marketplace sellers should cede control of media pricing. Likened to Google Adwords. Auctions, get used to it
ckronengold : #lotame say “we’re not digital, or not out of home, but we’re Life Advertising.” #digiday

adbroad : Data is piling up faster than our ability to read and analyze it. ERgo, we’re actually becoming “stupider.” –Stephen Baker, #digiday
charlescosta : Key to targeting is to offer it as “customized services” and not call it “tracking” – focus on building trust with users #digiday
annemai : Darren Herman,  Media Kitchen: Big difference b/w “planning” targets and “buying” targets — how true! #digiday

stephcliff : smack talk at #digiday. Yahoo’s bill wise: “I’m smarter than you.” Time Inc. guy: “You work for Yahoo-how could you be?”
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  1. Adam says:

    Great conference Jason, I enjoyed it. It was interesting to see how evolved the data side of the business has become.I felt that the focus on data was scary. Where is the creativity when the industry focuses on commodity?

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