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Posted: November 11, 2008 in Ad Networks, Audience, The Marketing Industry, Trends
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agBelieve None of What You Hear & Half of What You See…

I don’t want to come off as negative or a holier-than-thou jerk, because I’m neither of those things – but seriously folks, some of the press releases that come out are just filled with hype, even when there is an interesting story behind them.

Case in point is today’s release about how Platform-A sold it’s first billion impression deal (to T-Mobile for the G-1), and they dubbed it the “T-Mobile Billion Block campaign”. 

First of all – there’s nothing special about a billion impressions. DR advertisers run billions of impressions regularly.

What is stated but not emphasized in the releases (or at least not emphasized in the articles as translated by the media) is that the campaign is an attempt at accumulating AUDIENCE “mass-media style”, not impressions. Basically a huge slice of the internet population (potentially over 81 million people) may be exposed to the T-Mobile G1 ads in only 2-days. That is a big deal. That also speaks to an average FREQUENCY of 10+. The missing components here are targeting (is there any?) and cost (you may never hear about cost unless you are attempting to execute a similar deal).

Regardless – this is an approach that is not unique, but the scale is indeed impressive – 81million people in two days. Let’s see how it works!

  1. Shig says:

    Any idea if this happened already? I don’t recall if I saw one of these ads.

  2. Jason Heller says:

    I believe it was Nov 10th & 11th

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