Memoirs of a VC: What the Economic Turndown Means For Us

Posted: October 27, 2008 in Society & Culture, The Marketing Industry, Trends, VC
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UPDATE: Oct 31st: Additionally to the doom and gloom now infamous Sequoia Capital powerpoint that you can access below, TechCrunch has compiled a list of layoffs in the technology and media industries. It paints a pretty ugly picture and it does feel like 2001 all over again – only the bubble wasn’t caused by our own industry this time, this is a much bigger deal…obviously. The silver lining is that digital media does have a great future and those of us who can provide tangible value amid the ensuing crazy times will continue to thrive.

Sequoia Capital Slide

Sequoia Capital Slide


This is a fairly comprehensive, albeit sobering, vision of how we got to the point we have and what we have in store with the looming recession. Sequoia Capital, one of the most active and influential VC’s in our industry shares their views…


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