Google AdWords Builder & GoogleTV CORE Integration

Posted: October 18, 2008 in Datanomics, Interoperability, Metrics & measurement, Search, The Marketing Industry, Trends, TV
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Another week – another slough of progressive announcements from the industry leading giant.

Google made two announcements this week, one focused for small businesses and one focused on large agencies.

Honing in on the huge market of small businesses that use AdWords for text only buys, Google released a tool that helps these clients quickly and easily build display ads. They describe it as: “… lets you create professional-looking display ads in AdWords without needing to hire a designer or start from scratch…”  I haven’t kicked the tires on it, but it looks better than the MySpace MyAds builder tool that I wrote about earlier this week, which was a little rigid (v.1.0, updates to a tool like this are easy and surely will follow). Specifically the AdWords display ad builder forces a best practice or two like highlighting a call to action, this is intrinsically built into the tool.

On the agency side of town, Google has tied reporting of GoogleTV inventory into the COREMedia reporting interface, which has become pretty much the de facto standard among most mid to large agencies that buy a lot of DRTV. By tying GoogleTV reports into the CORE system, agencies can analyze results and optimize media schedules faster and more efficiently. By the way, since CORE also integrates seamlessly into Donovan and other popular agency billing systems, in theory, will make it more attractive for agencies to buy ads through GoogleTV.

While most of the industry is wondering how the troubled economic climate will affect their businesses, Google continues to laugh their way to the bank. It’s actually quite an interesting beast to watch growing before our eyes.


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