Google Extends Reach Into Games

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Emerging Media, Gaming, The Marketing Industry, Trends
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Yesterday Google revealed some new information on the beta testing they have been doing with in-game advertising. Apparently the beta was conducted with Sprint, Sony & eSurance.  include video, sponsorships & integration and extend into social gaming, which means even on MySpace & Facebook. The new foray into delivering in-game ads is described as an extension of the Ad Sense program and it will be integrated into the Ad Words advertiser interface, allowing easy extension of existing Ad Sense programs into the gaming network, but it feels like this is something that Doubleclick made possible. I guess it doesn’t really matter (except to a media geek like me). Either way, we are watching the Google empire grow before our eyes – the first Android phone officially hits the market this month, YouTube is rolling out an affiliate program of sorts to help content providers and Google monetize the 13 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute – with the click to buy programGoogle TV is evolving and with the current economic state of affairs, will most likely gain even more traction, and now the roll out of Google in-game. Wow – talk about being recession resistant! Note to self – buy Google stock in the down market…


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