As many of you know I’m a double agent –  2 parts digital media exec and 1 part budding professional photographer. So you can imagine how excited I was last month when Nikon made the really smart move of executing an immersive product launch for the D90 together with Chase Jarvis, the photographer who was hired to shoot the new marketing materials for the camera. The launch was wrapped in a multimedia experience living in multiple destinations including Chase’s blog, YouTube and of course Nikon’s website. The execution exudes brand personality, thanks in a big part to Chase Jarvis, who has been himself becoming quite immersed in the world of blogging.

I was so happy to see this execution on so many levels. The use of video, social media dispersion, and non-linear distribution of messaging – just an all around great break from the status quo.

Although from what I understand this was all Chase’s idea – keep it up Nikon.  Break the mold, embrace digital marketing in all its splendor. Let’s see if they follow  it up with any similarly progressive launches for the rumored D3x (their high end pro camera)  at Photokina, the largest photography show in the world, coming up in a few weeks.


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