IPG’s “Media Brands” Leverages The Aggregatation of Media Services Groups

Posted: July 10, 2008 in Agencies, Consolidation, Datanomics, The Marketing Industry, Trends
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As the shift of strategy development and stewardship continues to move into the realm of the media agencies, IPG has launched a group to manage and oversee all of the media services groups within the holding company. This move gives IPG the equivalent of WPP’s GroupM, a hub that creates efficiency through resource and information sharing. This is an essential move in this era of increasingly labor intensive, complex and collaborative client service requirements. The next step will be data systems that finally bind these units together from an analytic and insight perspective, across media. The eventual dashboards from each media services conglomerate will be the value center of the organization.

“The moves we are making today are part of an ongoing evolution in our approach to media as an increasingly strategic and high-value marketing service,” said Michael I. Roth, IPG’s Chairman and CEO. “The creation of ‘Mediabrands’ will allow our media companies to share and leverage resources, as required to meet the needs of our clients in a highly complex and rapidly-changing media landscape that’s being transformed by digital and the proliferation of content and media platforms.”…

The acquisitions and vital components of the “new agency” structure are being aggregated by each of the holding companies. So far it seems that WPP has the most momentum in the process, but ultimately this will be a focal area of competition among the agency holding company heavyweights as they aim to continue to serve the largest clients in the ecosystem.


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