High Gas Prices Driving Consumers Toward Online Shopping & President Bush’s Magic Wand

Posted: May 3, 2008 in E-commerce, Society & Culture, Trends
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Do you have an ecommerce component to your business? Are you leveraging the recent hike in gas prices to drive more online sales?

According to a report issued last week by iCongo, one third (33 percent) of online U.S. adults indicated they are more likely to shop online rather than in-person at a store due to the high price of gasoline.

The iCongo survey also provides insight into consumer attitudes regarding the upcoming U.S. federal tax rebate. A full 45 percent of adults said they plan to make retail purchases with their rebate, if they receive one.

On a related note – President Bush says that if he had a magic wand that he’s say “Ok, Drop Price! I’d do that” … “but there is no magic wand to wave right now”…you had to see it on the Jon Stewart show, it was too funny! Anyway, here is the original video, but the way the Daily Show pieced it together was ROTFL funny…


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