Agencies “Betta’ Recognize”

Posted: May 1, 2008 in Agencies, Datanomics, Social Media, The Marketing Industry, Trends
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Agencies are further recognizing the need for a new model, but still haven’t done much but talk about it. The AAAA’s leadership conference kicked off last week and the NY Times even covered the bold statements from the speakers. I’ll just pull a few quotes from the piece:

Strap on your seat belts,” “All these challenges will no doubt put a strain on all our organizations,”  “Every one of us will be re-engineering and re-inventing, but the end result will be a positive one.” – Irwin Gottlieb, Group M

“Stop whining,” “shouldn’t be scary,” “a huge opportunity for us” “If you want to participate, you’ve got to start hiring young people,”  “and don’t tell them what to do — ask them what to do.” – Lee Clow, TBWA Worldwide

“The system worked well for 40, 50 years,” “Now we have to think differently and do each other’s jobs.” – Ben Silverman, NBC/Universal

“Create new opportunities for advertisers and new opportunities for information.” “The scale of this is underappreciated.” – Eric Schmidt, Google

You gotta love how Eric Schmidt seems to be the only one focused on data and information – in my humble opinion that is what it’s all about – he who has the most data (and knows what to do with it), wins.


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