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I really wanted to come back with a bang after taking a month off from posting to the blog (sorry! it was a Chinanecessity). I was in Indonesia and a few days in Singapore mixing a little business and pleasure. Although the mobile market out there is incredibly interesting, unfortunately sometimes interest access in Indonesia was like watching the grass grow. 

You gotta love the fact that you can go away for a month and when you come back, certain things actually are different – well, maybe not that different, but some aspects of evolution have actualized during my month long hiatus. So the next few posts will be my digital mixing bowl of thoughts on a few specific topics that I feel are very relevant to our ongoing evolution. 


China’s Internet population exceeds that of the US– that’s a huge deal, with ramifications on a global scale. Although there exists the potential for US companies to move further into emerging markets like China, in the land of knock off products, bootleg music and movies, why should the internet be any different? With Chinese clones of YouTube & Facebook, the economies of these countries will benefit from the lack of true protection on the ideas spawned by the internet industry here in the US – what does that mean for our poor dollar? Of course this didn’t happen overnight.