Super Bowl Marketing – More Than TV – Did Marketers Miss The SEM Mark?

Posted: February 4, 2008 in Search, Society & Culture, The Marketing Industry, TV
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The Only Place Crazier Than Brooklyn After The Giants Win The Super Bowl, may have been the ad agency water cooler theSuper Bowl Search Ads day after the game…uh…20 years ago maybe. The water cooler effect is a concept of yesteryear of course, however the continued impact of Super Bowl advertising became evident to me in the streets of Brooklyn, as the Bud Light must have been flowing through the veins of those who started an impromptu parade of drunkeness.

With all the hoopla over Super Bowl advertising – marketers jockeying for position, competitors blocking one another out and even buying non-super bowl networks – what’s up with the web’s lowest hanging fruit – Search? A search for Super Bowl just hours after the game yielded mixed results. Two were from ‘official super bowl advertisers’ and Both advertisers were capitalizing on the overflow of TV viewing to search engines, some ads were relatively out of context. Few and far between were the clever marketers trying to work pop cultures response mechanism to sway in their direction. I would have expected the direct competitors of the super bowl advertisers to have a strong online presence, but I did not find it so. An opportunity missed. Shame on their SEM managers.

Just thought I’d post a handy reference from Ad Age for all of the Superbowl commercials. Historically marketing geeks like me love watching the Super Bowl commercials more than the game itself (why people spend so much time and money watching other grown men having fun while making tons of money is beyond me, but that’s a whole tainted perspective that I will leave for places other than my marketing blog).

Here are the commercials.

  1. Miguel C. says:

    We just posted our 4th annual study of how well super bowl advertisers integrated online and offline advertising – we’ll be writing more about this on our blog, but the preliminary findings are already up on our site: Super Bowl XLII Scorecard.

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