The State of The Online Video Union??

Posted: January 29, 2008 in Digital Video, TV
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As I slaved away on my laptop this evening, I totally spaced out and missed the State of Bush Facethe Union Address. Bush antics aside (I actually heard the speech was pretty good), I really wanted to see the speech. So now at 11:20pm I went online assuming that the speech would be streamed in its entirety in several places. After 10 minutes of searching on Google, video sites and major news sites, I am thoroughly disappointed that nobody was on the ball enough to have the video of the complete speech posted online. Apparently I can read a transcript of the entire address, I can watch the last 50 years of complete State of the Unions, but the 2008 video is not online in its entirely yet. Why not? Isn’t this the YouTube generation? Aren’t the networks trying to integrate online and offline content and programming? I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s posted somewhere, but if I can’t find it, the average consumer most certainly can’t. 

*** UPDATE Tues 6:30AM: Ok, I just woke up and checked again, and wouldn’t you know it, the White House now holds the #1 organic listing for the 2008 State of the Union. C-Span and others have the content posted at this point. It’s interesting how the White House decided to exercise control over this content and how it is officially digitally disseminated. White House 2.o? I guess they wanted to limit comments and mash-ups…good luck!

  1. [d]aniel says:

    Word. I wanted to link to the State of the Union in one of my posts and was amazed when I couldn’t find it on a government website, let alone YouTube. (That how I got here, tag surfing for others who may have linked to it.) It’s the 21st century, you can’t turn around without running into some new web2.0 service, yet the State of the Union is not yet online?


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