Convergence Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Posted: January 14, 2008 in Behavioral Targeting, Data Driven, Digital Video, Emerging Media, Interoperability, Marketing Links, Metrics & measurement, Trends
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Ever since rolling out the “proprietary Avenue A” ad-server (now known as Atlas), the aQuantive team has always beenDigital Shopping cart very aggressive about progressing the delivery and measurement of ads. After all, they did manage to become the #2 ad-server and were acquired by Microsoft for $6 billion. Their Mom’s are proud, trust me. They have had a commitment to cracking emerging platforms over the last several years. Microsoft is rolling out an ad delivery systems tied to RFID driven digital shopping carts in Shop Rite supermarkets is tied to a relationship marketing program, which now has the ability to trigger based behavioral targeting of offers in-store. I would assume the RFID also acts as a sort of in-store GPS to trigger ads as well, and maybe seconds as an anti-theft device. If Shop Rite moves to an RFID standard for their goods and suppliers they can also cut down supply chain costs considerably. Very cool.

The AP report states that the aQuantive acquisition “shored up the company’s capacity to serve video ads onto these grocery cart screens”. The acquisition and selective recruiting also helped Microsoft score some major human brain power in the last few years. I know a few folks at Microsoft who have been around the block a few times and really are some of the brightest people in the industry. Congratulations guys. Create some momentum with this, it’s just the beginning!

While we were looking for convergence in the form of IPTV for years, it has slowly been happening all around us in so many other shapes and forms. Digital channels and platforms such as SMS allow for the activation of otherwise passive media…and since everything is media, everything is up for grabs.


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