“Tune in” to MySpace: Quarterlife Premiers Sunday

Posted: November 9, 2007 in Content, Digital Entertainment, The Marketing Industry, Trends
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The big budget, made-for-web series Quarterlife premiers this Sunday.  You have to “tune-in” to MySpace to watch it. Point your browsers to MySpace on Sunday night to see the first web series to potentially be picked up by a major network. An ironic twist to a week when TV writers are on strike throughout hollywood.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that “sources said Thursday that NBC is in talks to acquire Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz’s high-profile Web offering “Quarterlife” ahead of its Sunday debut on MySpace.”

MySpace will be running 36 eight-minute episodes, however, according to the Hollywood Reporter, ” When the series was announced in September, Herskovitz stressed that the duo were not contractually obligated to MySpace beyond the first four hours, and he expressed a desire for the show to be seen on other platforms”.

Interesting developments as networks and studios are continually trying to figure out the best ways to distribute and monetize web based content. Although the tail clearly wagged the dog in this instance, over time we won’t be able to tell the tail from the dog.


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