Google + Doubleclick + Offline Extensions + Dashboard = Media Dominance

Posted: October 26, 2007 in Data Driven, Metrics & measurement, The Marketing Industry
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Putting together the pieces of Google’s cryptic releases of information is very much representative of the flow of small packets of information through the web itself, rendering in a clear ‘bigger picture’ once reaching the final culmination point.

Mediapost today reported about Google’s plans to release a cross-media dashboard  – I mean – the holy grail of the data driven marketing future.

For the last several years, sophisticated digital marketers have had the luxury of seeing into the future. What do I mean by that? We’ve been struggling with disparate data sets sitting in different silos, where the whole indeed would be more valuable than the sum of its parts. Third parties such as Theorem of Blackfoot have been in the business of developing data mining tools and customized dashboards for cross-digital-channel management, but the prospect of a true cross-media dashboard still eludes most agencies and advertisers.

Couple this with Google’s move into the display ad world via Doubleclick (not to mention the plethora of other acquisitions), slow expansion into offline media channels, slowly and quietly digitizing the world around us (think Google street view or the NASA collaboration), a play for the last frontier on the wireless spectrum, and tentacles in many aspects of the web ecosystem including e-commerce merchant services, and you have a recipe for a new media behemoth like we’ve never witnessed before.

Google did fail in one critical area however, which is Social Networking. Orkut never gained the traction that popular brands like MySpace and Facebook achieved. My theory is that if they weren’t in court defending their acquisition of Doubleclick, that Google would have done what they had to in order to muscle Miscrosoft out of the Facebook equity investment. But Google and Microsoft are playing slightly different, albeit competing hands at the moment.

The purpose of this blog is to focus on the blurring of media, marketing and technology as it relates to marketers – Google is the perfect storm and watching the evolutionary path has been and continues to be fun (yes I know, I’m a total media nerd). Microsoft is trying to play catch up, but as time goes by it only seems like Google’s lead increases.  The innovation associated with this competition is benefiting both consumers and marketers alike. Can’t beat that…

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