Newsvine / MSNBC – A Continuing Trend

Posted: October 9, 2007 in Consolidation, Content, Emerging Media, Marketing Links, Social Media, The Marketing Industry
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In a move that continues to reinforce the power of web2.0, social media, citizen journalism, consumer involvement, or Newsvine MSNBCwhatever other descriptor you’d like to add to the list, MSNBC (itself a successful joint venture between Microsoft and NBC) acquired social media darling Newsvine. As media and technology continue to merge, this seems like a smart acquisition for both sides.

According to Newsvine: “… it’s all about growing the community and spreading the idea of participatory news as far and wide as possible.” “While Newsvine may be well known in early adopter circles, we want every college student, every farmer, every weekend journalist, and every household to have their own branch on the ‘Vine”

With over 29 million unique users, the potential participation of the MSNBC audience is huge, and can be both a pro and a con. Other social media sites have lost a level of authenticity once acquired, but the effects are insignificant and the end results are usually strong brands with staying power (think MySpace or YouTube – I know, both a little younger to speak of in the same sentence as staying power).

The biggest question I’m asking myself is how a brand-neutral social bookmark site can maintain support from content provides that feel competitive with MSNBC, or if that’s an insignificant issue, or if it doesn’t matter anymore…


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