I usually don’t wax on about specific products because they usually don’t reflect the bigger changes happening in consumer-behavior-land. (Ok, so I’ve mentioned Twitter before – the maybe it’s genius, maybe it’s the dumbest thing ever technology, but I guess to a degree even Twitter does reflect the changing media ecosystem.)

However, Mike Rosner of Eye Wonder showed me a demo of something that I was waiting for – an easy way for consumers to embed content from a rich media unit into a social network or blog page. Check out the demo here (click on the overlay “Click here to add to your blog profile”).

I’ve mentioned time and time again the concept of “interoperability”, or “digital content mobility”. This is a fantastic example of how this interoperability is creating gateways for content to find itself distributed across multiple platforms simultaneously, and even fostering its way to the hearts and minds of the most engaged and relevant through  a) initial self selection by consumers engaging with and/or embedding the content, and b) through “birds of a feather”.

Through a partnership with Gigya.com, a company that offers widget creators tools that help distribute and track widgets, any video content or otherwise can be “widgetized” right from the rich media, adding a whole new layer of engagement.

“Forward to a friend” eat your heart out, “Add to Profile” is here! 

  1. […] reported last September that Google Gadgets and Gadget Ads added the additional dimension of rich media and interoperability to a well distributed existing ad […]

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