Eyelab: CBS Digital Production Studio Caters to Consumers’ Online A.D.D.

Posted: October 1, 2007 in Content, Digital Entertainment, Digital Video, The Marketing Industry
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There’s a lot of data out there that supports the fact that consumers have A.D.D. when it comes to consuming video content online. Today’s ‘YouTube generation’ of consumers want bite size chunks of content versus the long-form content consumed on television.

Don’t get me wrong – consumers are watching long form video online as well, but consumer online A.D.D. is something I witness regularly. It’s a real issue, and industry research suggests that it’s a trend. Based on a Doubleclick study, on average consumers only watch 19 seconds of a 30 second video and 10 seconds of a 15 second video. 

 The move by CBS to hire six editors to create “web-behavior-appropriate” clips from the network’s line up of popular shows is a smart approach.  Apparently CBS will also be providing consumers tools to mash-up show content themselves, to engage them in the experience and encourage participation. I applaud the networks for taking bold moves of late, in an environment of major change in the approach to distribution of content over multiple “screens”(media channels).

Anthony Zuiker, executive producer and creator of CBS’ CSI says “Recognizing that short-form content is what our viewers want online, we’re committed to bringing CBS fans short, easy-to-digest clips”.

Last week at OMMA, George Kliavkoff, NBC Universal’s chief digital officer, said “Success involves setting up processes to fail fast.”, referring to the learning process required to work out the kinks in a complex process of content distribution and monetization in this new era.  Those may just be the wisest words I’ve heard from any network or traditional media company – ever.

The networks of course are  looking for new ways to distribute content profitably- period. The short-form “web-behavior-appropriate” content and long-form content is consumed differently and present different financial models for the networks. Beyond this latest CBS announcement, news of NBC launching Hulu.com later this year and offering ad supported shows directly at NBCDirect, and ABC offering more content online, including a deal with AOL, have been reverberating through the halls of agencies and advertisers everywhere.

This Pundit’s Prediction: Improvements in video content cataloging and tagging in new and comprehensive, non-linear ways (currently a major problem), coupled with behavioral targeting and advances in video ad formats that provide a better consumer experience and more engagement via interactivity (mass click-able video), will drive the next wave of spending surges and advertising effectiveness within the next 18 months.


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