Advertising Week 2007

Posted: September 25, 2007 in Conferences, Marketing Links, The Marketing Industry
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Advertising Week has officially kicked off in New York City. Advertising Week

Media Post Publications is hosting the popular OMMA, a two day event (Mon & Tues.)culminating in the OMMA awards ceremony for the best online ad campaigns of the year on Tuesday evening. Simultaneously, the IAB’s MIXX conference is also going on Monday & Tuesday. If I only had a clone…

 I will be moderating the following panel at OMMA:

The Future of Behavioral Targeting Starts With the Limitations of the Present
This panel will address the current scale, metrics, revenue/cost implications and effectiveness of Behavioral Targeting from both an advertiser and publisher point of view. Representative stake holders from the agency side, publishers, and networks will address current limitations of BT, and a representative from the technology side will speak to where it’s headed based on the key learnings and limitations of today’s marketplace.

Panelists: Jason Heller, Laredo Group (moderator), Dave Morgan, Tacoda, Greg Smith, Echo Target, Jack Smith, 24/7, Joseph Weaver, Media Storm 

There are plenty of events and conferences going on all week. They range from traditional to digital and emerging media, and from formal conference tracks to hip and extravagant parties. If you’re in NYC and not attending at least a few of the Advertising Week functions, you’re missing out on the industry coming together to share and learn about the forces driving the dynamics of marketing today.

See you at OMMA!

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