Revisiting “Iconistan”

Posted: September 22, 2007 in Content, Marketing Links, Social Media, Trends

I’ve been intrigued by the entire social bookmarking phenomenon for some time. As a veteran in the interactive media industry I’m extremely observant of the evolution of every nook and cranny of “website real estate culture”. It’s my job to be in the know.

Enter social bookmarks. Sites such as Digg,, Newsvine, Furl and Reddit are among the most popular. Even Technorati, and Facebook are among the popular brands that are tangentially in the social bookmark space.

Last year someone coined an appropriate term for the increasingly cluttered space at the bottom of articles, news pages or blog postings where we have been jamming our social bookmark icons- Iconistan

Competition for real estate in Iconistan is fierce, with new popular brands popping up all the time. The real estate in Iconistan became so cluttered this year that aggregator, has picked up significant steam by streamlining the process. The tool both relegates Iconistan to a nice compact area and simultaneously offers an expansive number of social bookmark options beyond just the top handful.

Why is Iconistan important to digital marketers?

Because it facilitates the distribution of content and increases exposure of brands accordingly. Social bookmarks are part of the web2.0 revolution. With an emphasis on “collective experience”, it allows society access to information and entertainment deemed popular by their peers, not by the most popular media, editors and professional journalists. When you dig into the mathematics of social media growth patterns, the incredible potential for the exponential increase in nodes (consumers – content- place), has really just begun.

For content providers, social media is a facilitator for mass targeted distribution based on relevancy and merit. So be warned – give the people what they want. Social bookmarks and Iconistan are in part defining our fragmented pop culture.


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