Widget Me This Part II … “Widget Me That”

Posted: September 21, 2007 in Content, Digital Entertainment, Emerging Media, Trends, Widgets

 Amazon Widgets

Congratulations again widget! – in a mere matter of months you went from a buzzword to a tipping point. As I wrote the other week in “Widget Me This: A Buzzword in Perspective”,widgets may be a major buzzword in the current digital marketing lexicon, however the term achieved that status based on merit. The web experience is evolving as we enter a more interoperable and platform agnostic era. Content and experiences becoming portable databased assets with easy connections to any platform or channel will create another major shift in media consumption, and with it will come a world of new marketing and advertising opportunities.

Amazon just announced its official entry into widget-world this week. Of course, Amazon has offered API’s to developers for several years now, but never had offered widgets in such a manner. I think the angle is pretty slick. The original king of the affiliate program, rolled out these widgets for its affiliates.

Some of the widgets are quite clever ways of extending Amazon’s product catalog and opportunity for relevant placement. An example of one of the more clever ideas is the Slide-show Widget, which “Makes elegant slide-show widgets out of images chosen from products across the entire Amazon catalog – CD cover art, DVD’s, books, anything!” They also have rolled out widgets that add contextual links inside blog or site content. Amazon is a big enough player in the ecommerce world to incite a bandwagon…

…and why not?

Like I’ve mentioned before, buzzwords are like folklore, they almost always have some firm root in reality. The trend of increasing demand for and supply of digital content mobility and the interoperability of platforms or systems is driving a lot of innovation and providing consumers with better experiences and features than ever before. I can appreciate this as a consumer as much as I can as a marketer. Welcome to the brave new web.


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