Go Go Google Gadgets!

Posted: September 19, 2007 in Emerging Media, Marketing Links, Trends, Widgets

Mediapost reported this week that Google Gadgets are officially being integrated into the Ad Words program. This is truly big news. Google now is combining the power and breadth of their massive market place of publishers and consumers , with an incredibly engaging and flexible platform.

The concept of digital media portability, which i rant about regularly is approaching a tipping point, or maybe it’s there already. Content and utility are becoming more portable, and the ability to give consumers the experiences they want, and some they didn’t realize they wanted, on-demand, anywhere, any platform –  is going to spawn another spurt of growth for digital media and marketing consumption in the near future. I’m psyched! This is great news!

The interesting part for me personally, is that I am equally excited about these developments as a consumer, not just as a marketing strategist.

[Marketing hat back on] Google is definitely continuing to make moves that enhance its label as a “frienemy” among agencies and publishers. However, with the future integration of Doubleclick, I look forward to the day when all of the reporting for SEM, rich media, and widget-like marketing, will be streamlined in DART, using the same cookies, and output in a unified reports.

In the spirit of Facebook opening up their back end to developers, and Yahoo following suit, Google (in pure Google fashion) is one-upping the rest of the industry by going one step further and actually providing funding to start ups to help develop revenue generating widgets for the Gadgets product.


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