Hey iPhone – “The Widgets Are Coming”

Posted: August 13, 2007 in Content, Emerging Media, Trends, Widgets

Last week I ranted a bit about the iPhone and how the marketing hype will drive the market moreso than the actual phone and experiences. I may be changing my tune just a bit this week based on my discovery of Plusmo widgets. They claim that “Plusmo is the best thing to happen to the iPhone community since, well, since the iPhone!” – and that may very well be true – and – only the beginning of additional experiences that can change the way consumers use the mobile web. I still stick to my feelings regarding the iphone itself – the device and associated hype have simply created a gateway to broaden mobile web usage, and a slough of other devices will be offering similar experiences shortly. In fact, some already do. The issue is ACCESS. The iPhone has made it perceptually viable for the average consumer to access content and experiences on the mobile web.

Of particular interest is the “create your own mobile widget” function.  I created a widget for my underwater photography site and of course for The Digital Blur, and now members with iPhones can receive our feeds easily on yet another channel. Essentially Plusmo has essentially done for the iPhone what Feedburner has done for web based RSS feeds. They didn’t reinvent anything – they just made the tools and technology easy to use and accessible to the average consumer and publishers of all sizes. In my humble opinion feeds and widgets are a much better delivery mechanism on the mobile platform than WAP browsers. Let’s see where Plusmo and others take it.


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